Dont you just ignore trends of wallpaper in New Jersey!

Dont you just ignore trends of wallpaper in New Jersey!

We are regularly asked, “what is the trend at the moment?”

A trend can of course be a useful starting point, for example, to indicate which direction you are thinking or what you prefer. It is then up to us to discover the right atmosphere and identity together with you/you, tailored to the context of the space (s). For you, this means personal advice and for us a new challenge! Below are some useful tips to keep in mind when choosing colours and textures for your wallpapers in 2020:

Where do you start?

One has to furnish an entire house, the other would like to refresh or change an existing space. A useful starting point for larger projects is a colour palette. Ask yourself the simple question: Which colours do I like? Then choose your basic colour for each room and take it as a starting point. The base colour can also be used for the whole house, such as a shade of white. You will build from this basis, for example by adding a complementary colour or a contrasting colour from your palette. A combination of paints and wallpapers make a space livelier through the alternation of structures and materials. This also prevents your space from being divided into single planes, which can create a dull or rigid appearance. 

What do you pay attention to when selecting a colour?

Daylight influences the colour in your home. For example, northern lights make your colours cooler; In this case, it is better to avoid colours with a green or grey undertone, as they can appear grey. Light from the south makes your colours warmer. With southern light, you can use cooler shades, for example, if you want the room to keep a fresh look. So, make sure you know where the light comes from and – before you paint all the walls in a certain colour – first, make a test on cardboard. This way you can see how the colour behaves in the morning, afternoon, and evening and you can make a good choice.

Paint & wallpaper 2020

Paint can be a starting point. What colour will be your base? A commonly used base is white. We have a wonderful range of white nuances that can be matched to the other colours in your palette. At the moment we also see a lot of light grey and loamy tones used as the base colour. By turning the walls slightly darker, the contrast with other colours in the room becomes softer and more subtle. For example, the effect of orange next to white is hard, while the effect of orange next to light grey is more balanced. Orange is subdued by grey. By colouring walls and ceilings in the same colour, your space makes a calmer impression, this can be useful if you want to emphasize other elements in your space, such as art or design. 

A design with geometric or organic surfaces in a certain colour palette can also add an extra dimension to your space. A combination of paint and wallpaper in the new jersey makes your space more exciting and, due to the variety of textures and structures, gives it more character. 

Dont you just ignore trends of wallpaper in New Jersey!

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