Bring the Atmosphere into Your Home with Customized Curtains

Bring the Atmosphere into Your Home with Customized Curtains

At Curtains Expo, we deal with curtains and blinds in Staten Island in all shapes and sizes, 100% made to measure and made to your liking. They give atmosphere to your home. Elegant, rich, and attractive curtain fabrics. We offer a wide choice of colors, designs, and qualities. Decorate your curtains to measure with curtain rods or curtain rails.

Why Custom-Made Curtains in New Jersey?

Gives color and atmosphere to your home
Privacy for every space
Easy cleaning
Sleeping in the dark

Do you like a dark bedroom? Even when it is light outside? Then choose this variant. There are different degrees of blackout Custom Made Curtains in New Jersey. Some are not 100% light proof. It makes a difference whether you opt for a light basic fabric or dark variant. Keep in mind that light can always shine in from the top, side, or bottom. Do you want to limit this as much as possible? Then choose floor-to-ceiling curtains, and place the rail flush with the wall or ceiling. Another option to limit light, combine your curtains with twist shades, silhouette shades, or Duette shades.

In between: the best of both worlds

Decorate your interior with in-between curtains. The word says it all, in between is in between a curtain and net curtain in terms of fabric thickness. In fact, you have it both ways: in-betweens offer more privacy than net curtains because the fabrics are thicker. In addition, you do not completely shut yourself off from the outside world: you look outside, but you are obstructed. Tip: combine in between customized curtains with roller blinds or roman blinds, so that you can optimally regulate the degree of light and privacy.

Tailor-made curtains

Beautiful, high-quality fabrics in countless designs and colors are available in our shop. Come and choose the items according to your taste. Tailor-made curtains are basically the most traditional curtain, in which countless variations are possible. Suitable for any interior, from classic to modern add your personal touch to your custom-made curtain with a pleat of your choice.

Numerous folding options available at Curtains Expo

The butterfly pleat (double pleat) is the best-known variant and can be used with all types of curtains and fabric thicknesses. The triple pleat is a great solution for a fuller look with thinner curtains, such as net curtains or in between. We will be happy to advise you which pleat suits your custom curtain.

All our tailor-made curtains stand for luxury and high quality. We are proud of our brands. Contact us immediately for an appointment.

Bring the Atmosphere into Your Home with Customized Curtains

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