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Introduction - What are window

Window decoration can mean a lot to your home. You bring the atmosphere to your interior. In addition, it gives your home the necessary insulation and privacy. An ideal living environment where you are in control. The options for window decoration are endless. There is a solution for all your housing needs. From sleek roller blinds to stylish horizontal blinds, you will find it all in our store in New York. Several types of window hardware are available in our store that will help you to embrace your house interiors beautifully.

Why Hardware is Important?

Without the proper hardware, your home can look dated and dark because you don't have the proper hardware. But if you have the correct hardware, you will be able to safely and properly hang your favorite chosen drapery.

It is best to make sure you're receiving hardware in the proper size because drapery may be too heavy for ones that are not accurately measured. If your drapery is too heavy for the hardware, your hardware may break and fall out of the blue. This can be dangerous as well as costly.

Types of Hardware

For cost-effective design, it starts with the hardware. There are many types of hardware to choose from of different dimensions for different types of drapery. There are:
  • Regular curtain rods
  • Valance rods
  • Triple curtain rods
  • Traverse Rods
  • Double traverse rods

All of these serve a purpose within drapery hanging. If you are looking for curtain or double curtain rods that accentuate your house and the colour palette you're designing with, Curtains Expo is one you may want to check out. The basic knowledge of window hardware and its purpose will help you make the correct choice without making a mistake that could cost you more money. If you are looking for cheap extra-long traverse rods then visit our website.


Regular curtain rods are for hanging basic drapery within your home. But if you're looking for something super secure that will hang heavier drapery and last a long time, then you may want to look into double curtain rods or triple curtain rods, depending on the height and width of your window area. These generally fit one size of curtain rod pockets and it's important to know the sizes.

Valance rods are created to make your drapery look a bit fuller and more elegant without exposing the edges of the hardware. Traverse curtain rods use a special design of pulling a cord to open and close the drape. It is crucial that you have your traverse curtain rods customized or accurate to the drapery you are hanging.

Normal traverse rods are designed specifically for hanging pinch-pleat sheers and drapes. These tend to open up from the centre outwards. These are typically heavy-duty due to their purpose and how much they are able to support.

Triple curtain rods also have the ability to hang normal drapes, sheers as well as valances. These will allow you to cover the edges of your hardware with the drapes so there are no sights for sore eyes.

Window Treatments in Queens

There are many different styles of windows as well as heights, widths, and types of drapes. That's why it is crucial for you to utilize the lingo of hardware and apply them accordingly to your home. Some hardware that is made for one type of window style is not made for another. If you have high ceilings, your hardware may need to be different than it would with normal ceilings.

Making sure you have the correct hardware will allow you to dress your windows accordingly, fashionably, and safely. You will find the best window treatments in Queens at Curtains Expo, for sure.

Window Treatments in Brooklyn

The combination of curtains, blinds, and drapes are often used together with window treatments in Brooklyn. Remember, the more layers in a window treatment, the more precise it becomes with the harmonization of styles and colour to suit the bedroom in question.

Curtains Expo helps you to reduce your window treatment costs by helping you to choose luxury bedding sets that will totally enhance your bedroom decor. We provide such perfect window treatments in the form of drapes, valances, and other window hardware displaying the theme of the comforter and bed-skirts, thus setting and further enhancing the theme of the bedroom.

Windows Treatment in Manhattan

Choosing and installing window hardware should also be in your mind when considering what type of windows treatment in Manhattan to use. Such hardware as multi-component systems can easily be combined to suit any purpose and style.

Where do you mount this hardware? Most draperies and curtains are mounted outside the window frame, far enough above and to the sides so that they easily cover the window. For traversing draperies, for example, the pole should extend far enough to the sides of the window to accommodate the stacking area for the pleats. Some stretched or hourglass curtains are mounted on spring pressure rods inside or onto the window frame itself using sash rods. For aesthetic windows treatment in Manhattan, contact Curtains expo.

Windows Treatment in New Jersey

There are so many options open to the customer when choosing Windows treatment in New Jersey that it could in some cases cause confusion. One of many ways is to look at our website or walk around our offline store observing the latest trends, if possible, taking photographs using your mobile phone. When you are satisfied with the information obtained, sit down with your family or friends, and present your findings. Not only is it a good social occasion, but it could also become very productive to get somebody else's perspective. Eventually, you will come to choose the right window treatment for your bedroom.


To summarize, like the rest of your bedroom, the window treatments are a reflection of your favourite decorating style and character. There are styles to match any mood and decor such as contemporary, classic, formal, and traditional which some of these treatments can be found on Curtains Expo. In fact, there are countless fabrics, rods, and trims to make your window treatments unique. The choice is up to you. We provide trendy yet affordable home improvement which includes a huge collection of home improvement products like window treatments hardware, rolls, blinds, shades, and wallpapers which meet your need.