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Introduction - What are Wallpapers

Wallpaper used to be glued to the wall all around the room for functionality (insulating and acoustics), but nowadays wallpaper is purely decorative and some wallpaper collections are even called wall coverings, due to the materials and appearance. It is often used as an eye-catcher by covering only one wall (or panel) with wallpaper. Motifs such as stripe or flower, plain, design, retro, trendy, vintage, pastel or multi-colour, printed or paper or vinyl, to cuddly wall textiles with a luxurious look. Everything is possible. For young and old! Digital photo wallpaper is also very popular. Wall stickers from Curtains Expo also belong to our collection; with this you can quickly make a nice change in your interior in a simple way. Bring your own identity to life on the wall! if you want to get eh degree of creativity in your home or office then better to use custom wallpaper or designer wallpapers as they can add spice to your place with the taste of decorative richness. The contemporary concept of Interior designing is a marked feature used for wall enhancement. Available in interactive backgrounds they make an apt choice to decor your walls. The leading trend of decorating the home with an exotic wallpaper collection comes in a wide variety of colours, designs, animations, and size. The benefits of enhancing your decor with wallpapers are countless and give some promising advantages.

How Are They Used?

We come with fabulous wallpaper options that further leads to hiding the imperfections of the walls. By use of these designer wallpapers, you can easily hide the cracks and cramps presented in your wall making them look better and more appealing. Also, you can install them on your walls of the newly constructed house to cut the cost of whitewashing and painting yet making it look more appealing. Reveals the personality of the owner - As your choice determines your personality the same is applicable in the case of the wallpapers chosen. The type of wallpaper chosen to enhance your wall reveals your taste and choice according to your personality. Thus, choice made for the wallpapers is considered as one of the best ways to identify one's personality as a whole. Enhances the room appearance - Depending on the quality and style of wallpaper chosen they are known to enhance the overall look of your decor. The dark choice of colours tends to make the room look smaller and shrunken whereas the choice of light shades tens to make the room look wider. Selecting the right type of 'Interior Design Product' counts a lot. As better-quality wallpaper makes a better choice to adore your decor thus compromising on part of quality is not acceptable.


Upon entering a mansion, people will almost constantly notice the walls initially since they are the leading come out area in the least known area. The designs on the wall will create a centre of attention for anyone's attention, and even if there's luxurious furniture and decor all around if the walls aren't made well, the area doesn't light up the way it's believed to. Choosing decorating wallpaper from Curtains Expo is fundamental in giving in the least area to added vivacity. You can revamp an area wall devoid of completely repositioning the furniture, or export a range of spanking decor, or relentlessly shifting the room's theme. If a home is already happy with the way things are, a quick loose change in wallpaper will instantly liven up an area and lose change its total feel and look. The as a rule crucial thing at this time is choosing the rectify wallpaper and wallpaper border to incorporate to the lie of the room's overall theme and construct.

How to choose the right wallpaper for your place - So how prepare you to pick the custom designer wallpaper to rightly blend with the intact area and its furniture? First, you will need to consider the existing theme of the area as well as the details of the furniture and other equipment. Is it contemporary? Country? Western? American? Victorian or French perhaps? What about the dominant flag and shades of the furniture and decor? Your well-chosen Custom Expo decorating wallpaper is supposed to balance well with everything.

Wallpaper in Queens

Apart from its immeasurable benefits the wallpapers in Queens are available in its extensive range offering a vast collection of stylish wallpapers including Common Wallpaper, Foil Wallpaper, Vinyl Wallpaper, Flock Wallpaper, Fabric Wallpaper, and Grass cloth wallpaper. The extensive collection allows its clients to make a choice among the possibilities prevailing in the market. We deal with a variety of custom wallpaper designs for all types of places. Whether it be your home, hotel, restaurant, shop, showroom, or any other place, our wallpapers will provide lively effects to it.

Wallpaper in New Jersey

Nowadays, custom or designer wallpapers are a vital part of interior design. Custom wallpapers or designer wallpaper decor can be installed in hospitals and restaurants, saunas, homes, malls, offices, cafes to enhance the beauty of space at a low price and in less time.

Wide Possibility of Variations Available in variant patterns, textures, and designs, Wallpaper in New Jersey is counted as one of the best possible options to enhance your abode. The increased demand for wallpapers has resulted in great demand for our products and services. The availability of designer wall decor wallpapers in a wide along with exceptional designs makes them an ideal solution to suit every look of your abode.

Wallpaper in Manhattan
When using wallpaper, the patterns and textures will improve any wall or ceiling in almost any area. Wallpaper doesn't reduce its relevance depending on its plain paper component. Patterns of our Wallpaper in Manhattan imitate distinct kinds of wall covering, giving a less expensive option that's uncomplicated to install. Our variety of wallpapers generally is available in concrete colours highlighted with all the essential attributes of the brushstrokes. Likewise, some faux textures offer a clean particle forming redolent of a wood facade. Some faux textures duplicate fabric like denim or burlap.

Our other patterned wallpaper lines give wrinkled metal textures, which shows up like crumpled aluminium foil.

Wallpaper in Brooklyn
We deal in a wide range of different faux texture paper that appears in vast colours and therefore is placed like the common wallpaper utilizing strong glue. The cleaning necessities of this wallpaper will likely be in accordance with the material it's made from. You will discover an array of Wallpaper in Brooklyn which portrays a 3-D appearance and is eye-catching when properly hung on any wall. In general, our textured wallpaper consists of expanded vinyl and imitates the appearance of tiny ceramic tiles. This sort of wallpaper is often applied on brick surfaces, bathroom, and kitchen walls. The moulding features of special effects vinyl present a dull, reflective sheen or a glossy finish, relative to the bricks or tiles style it attempts to generate.


We are taking a pristine approach to custom wallpaper and giving our clients the best choice of great design to help them create a space that is unique and personal to you. Curtains Expo ethically sources the highest quality papers to ensure a vivid print with great definition. Our papers are durable and easy to install.