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Introduction - What are Bed Covers

The bed covers from Curtains Expo are available in various attractive colours and designs which can stand the test of time. These timeless designs are sure to add that extra amount of 'oomph' to your generations as they have for generations. The materials that go into making the bed sheets such as high-quality cotton fabric, linen meet the level of expectation and also match the whims and fancies of the respected customers along with the more precise dimension related needs. They help add durability to the bed covers and protect them from regular wear-and-tear. There is no risk of any colours running after washing the bedsheets.

Bed Covers from Curtains Expo are available in two different sizes - single and double. The prints and designs are highly attractive and are able to hold the attention of shoppers. The designs are carefully chosen so that they are able to portray the best of traditional as well as modern. They are sure to enliven the look and feel of your bedroom to a great degree.

Importance of Bed Covers If the house is not clean then the risk of getting diseases increases greatly. Along with keeping the house clean, it is also important that you keep your bed clean as well. Otherwise, there may be a risk of bedbugs in them. Usually, people become a little careless about the bed but believe it is not very difficult to keep the bed clean. It is necessary to change the bed cover and pillow cover at least twice a week. Choose the bed cover according to the weather. How are they helpful? In summer, it is better to use a cotton bed cover. For winter, it would be better to use a silk or thick cloth bed cover. However, the bed cover of silk or any thick fabric cover is dirtier because it contains dust and it is also difficult to wash them. Daily wake up in the morning, take the bed cover out and jerk it. So that all the dust and other dirt stored in it gets cleaned. After that, lay it on the bed in a fine manner. It is very important to wash and show sunlight to your bedcovers twice a week. This will not allow bacteria/germs to flourish in the covers and will not smell of any of them.

Custom Bed Covers in Queens

New collections of Custom Bed Covers in Queens are launched every season which derive inspiration from a certain theme. This helps us to keep our product inventory fresh and also provides the customers with more options to choose from.

One of the best points about Custom Bed Covers in Queens is the price. There are many kinds of bed sheets available, each belonging to a different price range. Discernible customers can, therefore, select the best bed sheets at an affordable price.

Curtains Expo has expanded its mode of business and has made its bed sheets available for online purchase as well so that you can now browse through their latest collection and buy it directly from home. Buying our custom bed covers also allows the customers to get a nice discount.

Custom Bed Covers in Manhattan

Custom Bed Covers in Manhattan is available in different sizes, prints, colours, and materials. You can choose your bed cover size on the basis of your mattress and size - Single bed, Double bed, King Size, and Queen Size. Bed covers are also available in various prints and patterns - Abstract, Floral, Batik, Chequered, Checks, Argyle, Damask, Geometric, Mosaic, Paisley, Polka Dots, Solid, etc. Bed covers are available in different materials like cotton, Tencel, Silk, Polyester, Satin, etc. Bed covers are also available in different themes for kids such as Cartoons, superheroes, Barbie, etc. Curtains Expo provides an assortment of bed covers for your lovely home.

Custom Bed Covers in New Jersey
There are different types of Custom Bed Covers in New Jersey and each of these types comes in a wide variety. Just choose which you feel comfortable with while sleeping. But whatever material or style, always choose the quality bed covers as per the occasion, room interior, and weather. Also, whenever there is any special occasion or guests are going to visit your place, try to choose a designer, unique and high-quality bed covers from our web-store. However, the bedding quality depends upon the type of fiber, the fabric weave pattern, and the stiffness of the fabric texture.

Custom Bed Covers in Brooklyn
Keeping the decor understated yet sophisticated will modernize your living. With urban and chic designs our wide range of custom bed covers in Brooklyn have a galaxy of products waiting to be explored. With a high thread count, you can easily ensure the high quality. Thread count is the number of threads placed horizontally and vertically per square inch of the fabric. The higher the thread count higher will be the softness and pliability. It will truly reflect your personality and style. Being user friendly our customized bed covers will be easily washable in the washing machine with cold water. It even spares you the need to keep them soaked for long hours before washing. All you need to do is to dry them up in the shade of the longevity of the colours.


Looking for a cover in a specific colour or size? At Curtains Expo, we can put together a cover ourselves within the possibilities of our collection. A classic cover with a piping or a modern cover in a bright colour? We are happy to show you the fabric samples and options in our showroom. Turn your home into a dream haven with Curtains Expo. Buy customized bed covers and pep up your life. Good sleep translates into good health so better set out a healthy and sound sleep. Transforming your home into a royal palace will pacify your need for exclusive sheeting. Just let the world go green with envy with the uber-stylish bed textiles from Curtains Expo.