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Introduction - What are Curtains

Curtains are real atmosphere creators in the house. They are indispensable in a room and are therefore essential for an interior. Therefore, think carefully about the desired colour and material, but also about the production method. The space in which the curtain will hang determines, among other things, the correct pleat.

An empty house sounds hollow because the sound is reflected. With the right window coverings, you can make your home sound a lot less hollow and improve the acoustics in your home. For example, opt for stylish curtains in combination with sun blinds. Curtains give you an extra piece of privacy and a nice feeling of security when it gets dark. Moreover, they form, not unimportantly, optimal heat insulation. Dress up your home with beautiful curtains.

Curtains create atmosphere and certainly not only when they are closed. They also form a tasteful frame for your window when open. Atmospheric tailor-made curtains are what Curtains Expo can realize for you in our own studio.

Importance of Curtains in Home Interiors

As far as we are concerned, a house is not complete without curtains. Curtains provide extra privacy and a feeling of security. Moreover, you create optimal heat insulation with curtains. Choose the function and style that suits you in the form of translucent curtains, airy in-betweens, or stylish curtains. And do you go for curtains with a beautiful print or a plain fabric? You will find it at your interior advisor. Our wide collection of curtains includes curtains from premium brands. Come to Curtains Expo, your interior advisor in your region of New York along with the nearby areas, to get advice on suitable curtains for your home.

Curtains and Blinds in Brooklyn

A curtain is an attractive and practical product. For example, curtains are useful as sun protection or sound insulation, but they also create a certain atmosphere in the interior. We have a nice solution to offer something for every style and atmosphere. We make custom curtains in our own studio in Brooklyn.

Curtains complete your interior. That is why you will find a wide range of curtains at Colours @ Curtains Expo. Also, ask about the options for feeding or finishing. More is possible than you think! Our curtains and blinds in Brooklyn are made to measure and if desired we will of course also hang them up at your place!

Curtains and Blinds in Queens

Are you looking for a wide range of curtains and blinds in Queens for less money? Then you are at the right place at Curtains Expo. We offer a wide range of luxury curtains that can be ordered online. You can choose custom or just the fabric. Our range consists of woven or decorative fabrics. These curtains hang beautifully in the living room, bedroom, or children's room! In addition to normal curtains, our website also has blackout curtains and velour curtains. You can of course choose curtains and blinds in Queens that are in harmony with walls and floor coverings or in contrast to them. We offer a wide collection of window decorations: plain uni fabrics, beautiful motifs, a nice print, or colours. We also offer matching accessories for curtains in the same colours as your curtains. For example, to finish the curtains, you can combine them with our wide collection of tie-backs.

Curtains and Blinds in Manhattan
Making curtains is of course craftsmanship. We are happy to take all the work for making curtains off your hands. You can choose from us whether you want to order the curtain fabric so that you can make the curtains yourself. In addition, you can also tailor the curtains order. We have various professionals working in our workshop who professionally tailor and finish your curtains and blinds in Manhattan.

In addition to the fact that curtains determine the atmosphere, curtains have more good properties; you help the environment and your own wallet by closing the curtains at night.

Curtains and Blinds in New Jersey
Curtains can work as insulating curtains because they have an insulating effect, which ensures that the heat stays inside. This ensures that your energy bill is slightly lower and you enjoy more privacy because your interior is no longer visible from the outside. Curtains also absorb sound. To increase this insulating effect, we recommend that you have the curtains lined. The lining also not only increases the insulating effect of the curtains, but it also gives the curtains a blackout effect. Find the best range of Curtains and Blinds in New Jersey and make your house look impeccably beautiful.


Are you looking for tailor-made curtains to make your interior shine? Curtains Expo is the webshop for ordering high-quality custom curtains for a competitive price. Simply put together your curtain and see the costs immediately. All curtains are tailor-made and delivered to your home for free, completely according to your wishes.

Our range of high-quality curtain fabrics includes many colours, different designs, and transparent and blackout qualities. So, if you want tailor-made curtains for the nursery or sleep in with blackout curtains, it is all possible. If you have doubts about the colour of curtain fabric, request a free sample without obligation. Then order your new custom curtain on our website in just a few steps. Made a measurement error? Don't panic, we'll entertain your curtain completely for free. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact one of our specialists. The customer's requirements are central to us. We have been offering a high-quality service for many years that has satisfied hundreds of customers. Due to the wide choice of options, we have everything it takes to realize the dreams of its customers.

Do you have a classic interior? Or do you prefer a curtain with modern designs? Curtains Expo has a very wide range where you can always find a suitable curtain. We have been able to distinguish itself from its competitors for years with its high-quality service and very attractive prices.

Are you interested in the possibilities? Please do not hesitate to contact us.